Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Get Your Resume Ready ....

If only it was this easy 

Charlotte's made up word of the day:"stresume" 
Definition: the stress that comes with developing a good resume. 

One thing that this college experience has really taught me is there is no such thing as a perfect resume.  Everyone, I mean everyone has there own idea of what it should look like and what info should be there. This makes for a confusing and rather stressful experience in my opinion. I wish there was just one standard resume guide to tell you how everything should be, but unfortunately there is not. I suppose though the whole point of your resume is to show a potential employer how you are unique, so there can’t be any one right way to construct a resume. That is really important to keep in mind. My advice would be to get as much feel back as possible, getting different suggestions will really help you develop a resume that is as unique and you are. However, keep in mind you will inevitably  get suggestions that contradict what some one else has said before. This is where you just have to decide on your own, it is supposed to represent you and your skills after all. Another point as that your resume can always be changed. I decided I wanted one resume with a good foundation, a resume I just had to make a few tweaks to hear and there to appeal to different possible employers. So don't let resume's stress you out, although it might be hard to avoid at times. Sheridan has tons of people there to help you out, as well as some good online resources too (I'll post a few that I've found helpful at the end of this post). Anyways don't let "stresume" ruin your day just take it step by step and be open to help and constructive criticism. 


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