Thursday, 4 February 2016


In our Strategic Digital Planning class today we talked about companies who suffered from some very serious Ad Fails when using social media.  Social media is a great tool for companies to utilize to connect with consumers, engage with them and promote their products. However, as we discovered some companies have not quite figures out how to use it properly or effectively… here are some examples.

#1. Look at what a Hashtag means .. ( this one was about domestic Violence)


#2. Try and determine the general public opinion of your brand before reaching out like this….


#3 Not all sentences translate into good hashtags ….

College vs. University

Before I started my post-grad program at Sheridan College I was unsure of how I would like College after spending 4 years getting accustomed to University life. After one semester I can confirm that it is definitely different, but this is a good thing, a really good thing.  One thing about University, maybe not Laurier where I went because it was pretty small, but you can remain fairly anonymous in classes if you like. This is not the case in College; the program I’m in is small which has turned out to be a great thing. You really do get to know your classmates well, and working in groups becomes second nature. Although I had some group projects in University, College definitely has a lot more. In terms of the workload? Expect to have a lot more assignments in college. Maybe this is because I have 6/7 classes a semester versus 5 in University but I find my self a lot busier.  For me though the BEST thing about college is the class format. It’s all about hands on activities and engagement, which is in my experience the absolute opposite of how most University classes are formatted. It’s not uncommon to have a 3-hour lecture in University and College but seriously they felt waaaay longer in University. All of the instructors so far have been really enthusiastic and passionate about what they are talking about, they are also helpful and engaging. I had some great profs in University but they really are not any where close to the ones I’ve had here at Sheridan.  Anyway, I know everyone’s post secondary experiences are different, and some people may not totally agree with my points but this is just my personal experience . J