Thursday, 25 February 2016

Job Searching

The Sheridan College Post-grad Advertising Account Management program comes with an optional co-op term! So essentially, its recommended that you take the opportunity but it is not required for
receiving your certificate. So if you find yourself wondering whether you want to do co-op in the future let me give you some insight from what I've learned so far. Job searching is a daunting task.. even in co-op and it can be stressful, yes even in co-op. However, without co-op I feel like job searching would seem impossible, its hard to know where to start, who to contact etc. For the first 6 weeks of semester 2 we had a co-op class, that helped us prepare our resumes, cover letters and brush up on our interview skills. Honestly, this was very helpful. I am still nervous about the real world and working for a potentially big company downtown Toronto. However, this co-op process is slowly giving me the confidence that I really need to go out there and get a career started. I had my doubts, mainly due to fear if I wanted to go through with co-op , but even though I have no secured a job quite yet, I know there is one out there for me and I will find it. Sheridan also has a group of great ladies in the co-op department that are very helpful, and are willing to talk to you whenever you need. So in conclusion, if you ever have the opportunity to do a co-op program do it!

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