Monday, 8 February 2016

Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl; a night to watch football, drink beer and eat a ton of food with friends and family. Now if you're like me you don't care much about the actual game but rather watch it for the half-time show and for the coveted Super Bowl advertisements! As an advertising student it makes sense that these ads would excite me right ?
An interesting little fact though, in Canada we have a hard time finding the commercials on air. This is because of a little thing called Simultaneous Substitution. So while we have the game airing in real time, the commercials are substituted with Canadian ones meaning any Canadian watching on a Canadian network would have missed gems like this one last night .....

Yeah.. not sure where they were going with this 

Some people have complained about this in the past, so starting next year the CRTC decided to for go simultaneous substitution and allow the American Super Bowl ads onto Canadian television stations. Its estimated that Canadian Super Bowl broadcasters like CTV will lose millions over this decision. It is a huge opportunity for Canadian advertisements too, because they know viewership will be huge. I was able to watch them anyways having a satellite station from Seattle, so is it really worth hurting Canadian TV broadcasters?

On the lighter side of things here are the top 5 Super Bowl commercials from USA Today ( I personally like the Wiener dog one ) 

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