Sunday, 13 March 2016

Catelli's Perfect Family Commercial

I was recently watching TV, probably the food network, because lets face it, it is always on in my room. Anyways, this commercial for Catelli Pasta caught my eye for a variety of a reasons. I love how it is able to capture and celebrate the imperfections found in every family dynamic. I also really liked how it started off with showing social media clips, and people commenting saying " aw your family is so perfect."We have all seen those family's online, perfect mom, perfect dad and adorable kids dressed like mini models, but its refreshing to be reminded that every family has their flaws.
Doyle Brown, Senior Brand manager at Catelli stated " what we're trying to do is show real life moments- a more genuine depiction of families, so it showcases those moments everyone has been through"
There is a lot of pressure, especially on social media to portray that perfect image, but in reality people and families come in all shapes and sizes and this add captures this beautifully.
Whether its the battle between mom and teenage daughter about showing a little too much skin or a family trying hard to accept their son and his boyfriend. All in all great commercial and a first from Environics.
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