Thursday, 28 July 2016

4 Months Later...

Wow time has flown by, seriously it's almost August and I feel like it was Canada Day just yesterday. At one point I thought about closing up this blog because it originated as a school project but now I think im going to keep it going just so I can share some of the content I've been working on with my two jobs.  I realized lately that what I really have passion for is actually just that, creating content. Whether its writing short stories, posts about my favourite TV shows, quizzes or even real estate content for my co-op job, there is something rewarding about posting content you worked hard on online for the world to see. It is even better when you receive feedback and can track how many views you have. I recently created a fun flip card post for Voice of TV and it has garnered over 65k unique views which is insane! Anyways I will add links to some of the stuff I worked.

A cool info graphic I helped work on that made the Metro News in Toronto

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